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UGW Will not be had…

…in time for my 30th. 

That dreaded day where I will be as old as Heidi and according to the kids joining her in a nursing home soon, is now less than two weeks away and I have stalled out during the summer. 

BUT that is not going to get me down!  I have still made some good great progress from where I was in January when I started, and even better from where I was two years ago.  I can see the changes in some spots, while other areas seem to look the same (to me), but that’s okay.  I know I’m doing better even though I cheat sometimes.  I will cheat even less with race season over.  There will be a lot less late night Subway and KFC/Taco Bell since those are the only late night places around here to grab a bite.  I’m sure that will help.

Looking back, it was a pretty big huge goal.  I started on January 17th and wanted to reach an 84 pound loss by September 18th.  I gave myself only 8 months.  In the beginning it seemed doable.  I was averaging 10 pounds a month.  I was going to do it.  But then as I got smaller, the losses got smaller (I think that is probably simple physics, or math, or some other school lesson that I didn’t pay attention to in high school).  It got me down.  More than once.  More than twice.  Many times I caught myself feeling guilty with my eating choices.  Damning myself for what I had just eaten or what I was about to eat…

But do you know what???  No more.  I will not feel guilty if I want to eat Chinese food some night with my family.  I will not feel guilty if I eat that foot long buffalo chicken sub from Subway.  I will not feel guilty having some of those Cape Cod Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno chips. 

You know why???  Because this whole thing that we are all working towards is to become a healthier, better person in the end.  Well guess what?  The only “end” in life is when you are no longer here.  The made up finish lines aren’t real.  Is it good for people to set goals?  Yes it is.  But I will not be controlled by the thought that if I don’t reach a certain number by another certain number of days that I have failed.  BECAUSE I HAVEN’T!  I’ve worked hard.  I’ve bled.  I’ve sweat (a lot).  I’ve teared.  I’ll just have to work at it some more.  Bleed some more.  Sweat some a lot more.  Tear some more.  I will get there.  It will take time.  I may not like it, but I’ve got to be patient.

And I will not let a god damn number on a scale or calendar control my life!  The only one in control is me.


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I really needed that run…

To be honest, I haven’t been the best fitblr, weight-loss, fat-loss, workout, healthier option person lately.  I haven’t been motivated.  I keep telling myself that I don’t like running.  I don’t like working out.  I don’t like not eating what I want when I want.  Things like that.  I’ve combated those feelings with my recent posts about getting back on track and it’s really helped.  I know I’ve done better the past couple of weeks.  Whether or not the scale shows it tomorrow night or not, I know I’m headed in the right direction again. 

Today was no different though.  I went to bed last night planning on running this morning.  The morning came and went and no run.  Maybe tomorrow, I thought.  Then came the chinese discussion and I had an internal battle with myself that was reminiscent of Optimus Prime vs Megatron.  Well, as in the old cartoon and the movies, each side seemed to get the upper hand at times, but good beat evil in the end.  Sort of.  I mean, I still had chinese for dinner, BUT I ran there to get it. 

And you know what?  I enjoyed my run.  My attitude was great.  I was motivated (possibly for the wrong reasons).  I felt great while I was out there.  I HAD FUN!  That is what was missing recently.  Fun.  This run brought it back and I am excited to get back out there and do it again.  I need to remember this next time that I don’t feel like running because ‘I don’t like it.’  I do like it.  I just need to have the right attitude!

Night all!


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I just rocked out with my…

…clock out.  What did you think I was going to say? 

Not to be outdone by the wife, ah, who am I fooling, I’m always outdone by her, she’s awesome!  Well, she ran her furthest ever today and had a ton of calories that needed to be used up and she was hoping for some chinese food.  I wanted it too, but I felt guilty.  So what did I do?  I ran to the chinese restaurant, that’s what! 

2.10 miles.  22:20.  10:38 pace.

Two days after setting my mile PR at 9:17 on the ‘mill, I did it again!  Outside this time!  Mile 1: 9:09!  (Hence the rocking out with my clock out tagline)…  Albeit, it is mostly downhill, but it was outside and I am still going to take it! 

I also think that I am going to design a shirt.  They already have the “Will Run For Beer” shirts, which I truly would do, but I am going to start the “Will Run For Chinese Food” shirt line.  Why not?

Have a great night!


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Say What?!?

I’m working from home again today and as it has become tradition on these WFH days, I take a mid-morning break to get in a little run/workout.  Today was no different, except that I went into this run with a goal in mind.  One goal.  That was all I wanted to accomplish.  Nothing huge.  I just wanted to PR my mile time.  A simple ask, right?

Well, could I do it?

1.001 miles.  9:17.  I PR’d my mile time by 0:05!  Damn straight!

After that, 100 pushups and 100 crunches (alternating every 25). 

And I have to ask…  Is it crazy that I actually like how stinky I smell and how the sweat glistens off my body (TMI?) when I put in a hard effort?  I call it my smell of accomplishment!  You?

I hope you all have a great day, I know mine will be!


EDIT: Dailymile says that my pace was 9:16 since I ran 1.001 miles.  Do I take it or is that cheating?

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WIM… After 3 weeks…

Not as scary as I had anticipated. 

LW: 226.4

CW: 226.4

Loss: +/-0

After the few weeks I’ve had, I am extremely pleased with these results.

After WIM, I did 1.70 miles in 20:00.  First run outside in a while and it was hot.  Then I came home, busted out 100 crunches and 100 pushups and called it a night.  Now to relax for a bit.


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6 and a half months…

It’s been 6 and a half months since I started on this “new adventure” as I called it in the beginning.  A lot has happened in that time.  Good.  Bad.  Indifferent.  But all of it, for better or worse, it’s happened. 

I came out of the gate in January bounding through the air like a freaking gazelle.  I was pushing through the weight fat-loss like an uncontrollable, raging river.  Nothing was slowing me down and I was on cloud 9 for almost every WIM.  It was unbelievable.  I was averaging a 10 pound loss each month.  I was a transformed person.  I had made so many changes and my body was full of acceptance and eager for more.  I thought for sure that I was going to hit my UGW of 190 by my 30th birthday in September.

Then came June and July.  The scale stopped showing changes that I had become accustomed to.  It began to show my new reality.  'What was happening?' I thought to myself on many occasions.  I know that I’ve indulged a few times more than in the beginning, but not to the point that I shouldn’t see changes?  Or is it?  I stopped counting calories each day.  But that surely couldn’t be it if I am still eating the same types of foods as I was when I was losing pounds like a rockstar?  Or could it? 

I have figured it out though.  I hit my complacent spot again!  Instead of stopping after I had lost 20 pounds, this time I got all the way up to 50 pounds before my other mind started taking over again.  I’ve been more aware of it this time and I’ve tried to correct myself a couple of times before “life” got in the way.  Then I would talk myself into how it was okay to eat an extra couple chicken fingers, or another slice of pizza, or what’s a little extra peanut buttery snack, or fill in any other crap that I’ve talked myself into here. 

But no more.  I am making changes again.  I don’t fit in any of the clothes of that person that started back in January.  I fit in my new clothes.  I need to stop trying to change that old person I was.  This new me is the person I need to work on now!


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What a difference…

…a few days make. 

After my “I suck lately” post the other day, I got on the ‘mill and busted out 2 miles in 21:59, for basically an 11:00 pace.  I was happy with that since I hadn’t run in almost 2 full weeks.

So today I wanted to keep heading in the right direction.  What did I do? 

  • 1 mile on the ‘mill in 10:00.
  • Up and down the stairs for 10:00.
  • 100 crunches.
  • 100 pushups.

I feel great to continue my day now!  It’s amazing what some exercise will do for your outlook.  I was feeling fat, lazy, tired, blah, blah, blah last night and after the little workout this morning, I feel great!

Now I’m off to enjoy the day with the fam.  I hope you all have a great Saturday too!


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Ugh…Why do I do that?

Why do I have chinese food?  I now feel all blah and ridiculous.  I’m already going to be traveling to NJ tomorrow night through Thursday and eating out every day, so why do I put myself through this?  UGH!

Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.

There.  Now.  I.  Feel.  Better. 

Water, here I come.


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I love this working from home thing.  My boss in NJ is the best.  She asks her supervisors to work from home one day a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  I mean, we are allowed to WFH if needed, but it is expected that we are normally in the office where we supervise staff.  During the summer, though, she actually wants us to take one day a week and WFH.  It’s great! 

So what do you do when you are WFH?  Take a mid-morning run and bust out another 200 crunches and 200 pushups, that’s what! I hadn’t run since Friday, and I kind of took the holiday weekend off from counting calories, so I wasn’t expecting great results…

Run stats: 2.0 Miles.  19:15.  9:37 pace. 

Mile 1: 9:25

Stopped and did 200 crunches and 200 pushups (alternating every 50).

Mile 2: 9:50

YES!!  It felt great to get my sweat on again!  And I am happy extremely happy with how I did!

It’s a beautiful day outside.  I’m WFH.  I busted out a sub-10 minute pace.  I knocked out 200 crunches.  I hammered down another 200 pushups.  Today is a great day!

I hope everyone else has a great Wednesday too!


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