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TBT 08/14/13…

WFH today, so I took off to The Big Top with the kids…  Had to bribe Little Man with ice cream to get him to go with me and once the daughter heard that, she was ready to go too.

They wanted to do the workout with me when we got there and I told them that it would be fun, but it would be tough and it was going to make them want to quit, but that they should just power through.  They got to the 4th item on the list before calling it a day and leaving me to finish the rest on my own.

  • 10 dead lifts - 135#
  • 20 thrusters - 20# db ea arm
  • 30 kb swings - 53#
  • 40 db squat cleans - 20# db ea arm
  • 50 squats
  • 50 oh lunges - 25# plate
  • 40 sit-ups
  • 30 dips
  • 20 box jumps - 20”
  • 10 turkish gu - 26.5# kb

Time: 38:41

I was spent.  I’m still spent almost two hours later.  I need to eat something real quick and then take the kids out for their ice cream…


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TBT 08/13/13…

Made it back to The Big Top after an amazing weekend at Point Lookout in Northport, Maine.  The resort was awesome.  The festivities, food, and everything included were top notch and nothing but the best.  Hopefully the wife’s work will send us again next year!

So yesterday was a recovery from the great weekend and no gym time.  Today, after Little Man got his braces we stopped at TBT before heading home.

The Bear: 5rds of 7 reps each, up in weight each rd, 1 min rest between rds.

  • power cleans
  • front squats
  • push press
  • back squats
  • push press

Wanted to start light since we had to up the weight each round, but not sure if it was light enough because I could only go up by 5# each round…

75, 80, 85, 90, 95

Now enjoying the rest of this mid-week day off with the family.  WFH tomorrow too, so no going to the office until Thursday for this guy!


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TBT 08/07/13…

Took yesterday off as a rest day.  Been in a funk of exhaustion and crabbiness since yesterday too.  Went to The Big Top tonight and it’s amazing how a great workout will change everything!

Tabata style (20/10):

  • pull-ups (banded)
  • row
  • oh sit-ups (35# plate)
  • weighted lunges (45# plate)
  • kb floor press (70#)
  • bb squats (45# bar)
  • planks
  • kb halos (44#)

Felt really good while doing it…and I really suck at pull-ups.  Like, completely awful at them and hate them.  A.LOT.  I put them in the workout because I hate them so much and I know I need to work on them.  Doesn’t mean I can’t complain…


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TBT 08/05/13…

After a weekend of partying and shenanigans, it was time to get back to The Big Top.  Tonight’s workout was picked out by the wife.  I wasn’t really looking forward to it…  There were some scary items on the list.  But we did it.

30 reps each:

  • double unders (60 singles)
  • kb swing (53#)
  • box jumps (24”)
  • sit-up to stand-up w/ 40# slam ball
  • slam ball (30#)
  • burpees
  • jumping lunges
  • push-ups
  • oh sit-ups (25# plate)
  • bb back squats (45#)

Time: 39:24

I was not looking forward to the sit-up to stand-up or the burpees…but they got done.

Home.  Dinner is done.  Now trying to relax and catch up on last night’s Dexter!


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TBT 07/31/13…

Working from home today so I hit up The Big Top on my lunch break for a good midday workout.

Tabata style (20/10 x8):

  • row
  • dips
  • sit-ups
  • wall ball - 20#
  • kb swings - 44#
  • bench - 95#

Felt real good to get my workout in before eating lunch.  Came home and showered…and my arms didn’t want to lift up very high, then ate lunch.  Now back to work for the afternoon from my couch.


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TBT 07/30/13…

Back to The Big Top tonight.  This time I was alone since the wife is at a golf tournament for work.  It was a great time.

I did some ladder couplets.  10 minutes for each pair.

  • sledge tire slam - 16# hammer
  • box (tire) jumps - 20.5” tire
  • oh sit-ups - 35# plate
  • t-legs
  • weighted squats - 44# kb
  • sim wave

11 was the magic number today.  I got through 11 rounds of each couplet.  

I almost played a game of cards with some friends that showed up, but they were doing burpees, sit-ups, and box jumps for 3 of the suits, and since I did burpees yesterday and sit-ups and box jumps today I decided not to.  In stead I did 5 sets of 5 reps of 135# bench presses and came home to rest.

Shower - check.  Breakfast for dinner - check.  Relaxing with no kids and no wife - check.


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WIM and TBT 07/29/13…

Moment of truth this morning.  Weigh-in post vacation…  

07/22: 243 (holding steady from the week before)
07/29: 245
Gain: 2

Ain’t no shame in it.  A 2 lb gain after a week of basically nothing…minimal working out, minimal thought as to what went in my mouth, and minimal caring about either is not a bad thing.

But alas, back on the train today since vacation is over.

Hit up The Big Top for a great workout on the way home from work.

For time:

  • 10-1 wall ball - 20#
  • 10-1 burpees
  • 10-1 floor sweepers - 135#

Time: 26:24

After, it was max dead lift.

135, 225, 245, 265, 255.

This was my first attempt at real dead lifting since my back issue last year and I can dead lift more than my weight.  Actually, it’s my first real attempt at finding a max dead, so I’ll definitely take it! 


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TBT 07/19/13…

After a couple of days in Toronto, I traveled home today.  I’ll be happy when this 90+ degree heat wave is over though.  It is gross.  What made it worse is the AC in my SUV is broken, so the ride from the airport to home (about an hour in Friday rush hour) was blah.  

Picked up Subway for the fam on the way home.  Picked up the kids at daycare.  Ate at home.  Then after a little relaxing, off we went to The Big Top.  Little Man and I played a deck of cards.

  • Diamonds - sledge slams on tire (LM did pull-ups)
  • Hearts - slam balls
  • Clubs - kb snatch 30# (LM 10# kb)
  • Spades - jumping jacks x2

Since I’m OCD, it wasn’t 95 of each movement, it was 100 of each movement because I did 4 for 3, 6 for 5, etc., and 200 jumping jacks since we doubled those for each number anyway.

It was fun.  We were both sweaty gross.  And what better way to end the day then to go get an ice cream that we just worked off. :)  

Time for bed.


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TBT 07/16/13…

A great after-work workout at The Big Top.  Met up with most of the regular Tuesday afternoon group and had a great time.  None of us had anything particular in mind, so we all kind of threw a bunch of different ideas out.

  • tire topple (20.5” tire stacked on a 24” tire - sledge hammer the top tire until it falls off the bottom one)
  • 30 rope sim waves
  • 30 mop
  • 30 half-moons (45#/35# plates)
  • 30 weighted walking lunges (45# plate)
  • 30 rope sim waves
  • 30 mop
  • 30 half-moons (45#/35# plates)
  • 30 weighted walking lunges (45# plate)
  • tire topple

Took about 40 minutes to complete the whole rotation even though it really only felt like 15 minutes or so…

Showered and cooking dinner now.  Trying to decide if I want to go to TBT tomorrow morning before I leave for the airport or wait until I get to the hotel tomorrow night and use the gym there…  I know I’ll need to use the hotel gym on Thursday, but do I really want to pack extra workout clothes that will stink up everything on the way home???  Probably not…  I guess it is a better idea to get the work in early tomorrow morning before leaving instead…


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TBT 07/15/13…

Back to The Big Top today while the wife was at work since I was working from home today and needed to get out of the house for a little while.

Tabata style (20 sec on, 10 sec rest for 4 min ea):

  • kb swings - 53# x4, 44# x4
  • box squats - 53# kb x4, 44# kb x4
  • back ext
  • slam ball - 30#
  • step ups - 44# kb
  • burpees

All in 90+ degree heat.  Had the big garage bay open with fans on both ends of the place at full bore to try and keep the air circulating.  Made sure to drink water like it was going out of style too.  

Came home, enjoyed a protein shake, took a shower, and now planning dinner while waiting for the wife to get home.


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