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Strength Class…

Today was the first day of strength class.  The wife has been to 3 or 4 of them.  They are held in an old garage and set up like a box.  The trainer graduated from the area a year after Heidi and he works at the YMCA as a trainer in the Portland area (about an hour from here).  He started holding these hour long sessions a couple months back on one or two days a week as long as he’s got enough people (read: $) to make it worth his trip and time.  It started as a female class and about a month back he started offering a coed class right after. 

So the wife has been pushing me to go for the last month.  I was nervous.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not really a people person.  I’m not very outgoing with people I don’t know and it gets my stomach in knots just thinking about it.  I get all anxious and shit.  It sucks. 

On Friday she confirmed to him that I was going to go.  I was all for it.  Friday.  Saturday.  Today.  I dropped her off and then it got to be a half hour before and I turned into that skittish person.  She came out from her class and I was shaking my head “no” like I wasn’t going to do it.  She said, “Yes, I already paid and he’s really excited you’re coming.  He even asked if you were nervous.”  So, reluctantly, I walked in… 

And I was greeted by Jesse (trainer) and two other guys that were there for the class.  We warmed up with some stretches and he explained about how the training is what you make it, and he will help you get what you want out of it, etc.    I started getting a little less on edge at that point and then he pointed to the board and started explaining the routine we were going to do.  I was still a little anxious and even into the first couple of reps, but after about 3 or 4 more minutes, I was…completely fine. 

The wod: 2 rounds of 1 min each (not counting GS at end)

  • KB squat jumps (35#)
  • Plate full moon (25#)
  • Overhead lunges  (25#)
  • Box jumps (on a tractor tire)
  • Ab plate twists (sitting 45* angle) (25#)
  • KB press  (35#)
  • KB lifts (up on the tire using one leg to push yourself up)  (35#)
  • Gutbuster suicide (hold legs in air with hands under butt until the last person drops - if you drop first, you rest a second and go back up)

I started with some lower weights since it was my first day.  It was definitely enough for what we did though. 

Then when those were done, 8 rounds of 20 sec each with 10 sec rests between

  • Sledge hammer swings (on the tire)
  • 150 lb keg carry

During cool down stretches, Jesse asked how I thought it was and I said, “Good.”  To which he said, “That wasn’t a lot of words.”  He then went on to say he was impressed with how well I did for my first time and the other two guys agreed.  That definitely made me feel good.

Suffice to say, I really liked it a lot and will definitely be back!  I’m glad the wife pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Sorry for the long post…


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