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I’m gonna be sore…

Back to The Big Top tonight for another group workout.

  • Max plank
  • 2 min, 1 min, 2 min - pullup and kb halo 35#
  • Max plank
  • 30-25-20 dips (alt with su)
  • 20-25-30 step ups (alt with dips)
  • Max plank

Arms took the brunt of the workout and my last plank was a joke.  I could barely hold myself up.  Tomorrow will be one of those can’t lift your arms over your head types…  Can’t wait!


P.S. - No Vegas for me… Found out yesterday that the trip is technically for 2 people, not 4.  Last year the boss owned the company and paid for all 4 people to go.  This year he doesn’t own it anymore after selling, so he can’t do that.  So I could pay my own airfare and go, but it doesn’t make sense.  It is going to be more travel time over the 3 days than it is worth to pay for.  If it had been free, it would have been worth it.  So, I’ll stay home with the kiddos and the wife can go network.

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Finally Friday…

Worked from home today and the wife had a half day, so we took to The Big Top when she got home during my “lunch break.”

My sciatica is still acting up a little, so we did two stations that weren’t rough on it.

Station 1: KB 3 rds at 1 min per

•swing (44#)
•clean + press right (35#)
•clean + press left (35#)
•heart stoppers (44#)

Station 2: 12 min amrap (ended up being 14 min just to finish off rd 2)

•100’ oh lunges (35#)
•50 lat jumps
•100’ oh carry (35#)
•10 box jumps (24”)

Went to dinner with the family at one of our favorite Italian places and now heading over to a friends house for some games while the kids play.


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Big Toppin’ ain’t easy, but it sure is fun…

Hadn’t been back to The Big Top since last Wednesday due to my sciatica acting up, but I had a chiro appointment yesterday and that helped a ton.  Well, it is still acting up a little bit, but not nearly as bad as it was before my appointment.  

Tonight was four 8 minute triplets for max rounds.  I started my first one with only 5:30 left because I was stretching out still while Heidi and the other ladies got started on their third (the Little Man and I got there later than everyone else, so we were behind).  

Triplet 1: All with KB

  • 20 swings (53#)
  • 10 oh lunges (35#)
  • 20 floor press (70#)
2 rds complete (only 5:30).

Triplet 2: All with BB

  • 5 cleans (95#)
  • 5 push press (95#)
  • 5 stiff leg dead (170#)

3 rds complete.

Triplet 3: All with slam ball

  • 20 slams
  • 200” oh carry
  • 20 squats

2 rds complete.  Rd 1 with 40# ball.  Rd 2 with 30# ball.

Triplet 4: All on mat

  • 20 lower trunk raise
  • 20 gladiators
  • 20 situps

2 rds complete.  

The last triplet was where my sciatica really bothered me tonight.  The situps were excruciating and really slowed me down.  

Now cooking dinner and relaxing.

Oh, and I almost forgot…  Our Big Top gear orders went to the printer yesterday and should be ready early next week.  Can’t wait to see how they come out!


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Wednesday at The Big Top…

A little late posting this, but I was busy yesterday.

I did a partner workout on my own. It was supposed to be one person does leg 1 and the other does leg 2 until the person doing leg 1 was done and then switch until both have done leg 1 four or five times, but since I did it myself I just did the entire leg 1 and leg 2 as one long workout and did 3 rds.

Leg 1:
-5 BB bench (145#)
-10 Shooters
-15 Floor press (70# kb)

Leg 2:
-20 KB swing (53#)
-150m row
-20 Box jumps (20”)


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Tuesday at The Big Top…

Heidi met up with some of the ladies at 5:00 for a group workout, so I picked up the kids and went home before getting ready to head over for a workout with Little Man. We ended up getting there when they were just starting circuit 2 of 3, so after warm-ups, we joined in for our first circuit when they were on their last.

3 circuits.  4 stations per.  1 minute each.  3 times.  36 minutes of fun.

Circuit 1:

  • Lower trunk raise
  • Bicycle (criss cross)
  • Seated twist (44# kb)
  • Situp

Circuit 2:

  • Drum wave
  • Slams (30#)
  • GHDS (sub 2 handed situps) - With my back feeling “wonky” I did the 2hsu with a 35# plate
  • KB swing (53#)

Circuit 3:

  • Jump rope (I actually strung together my pr of 70 in a row during my 3rd rd)
  • Sledge (16#)
  • Bike
  • KB row (44#)

A good workout that went really quick for the most part and left me feeling good.  Now time for bed to stay up late since I’m working from home tomorrow.  Which means another mid-day workout at The Big Top is on deck!


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Photo 1: This is what I looked like this morning trying to get through my box jumps.

Photo 2: This was my box squats.  Notice the girl (Missy) looks like she is smiling, while I look like I’m going to take a crap…  

This was the “300” workout:

  • 30 deadlifts (175#)
  • 30 1 handed sit-ups (25# kb)
  • 30 gladiators w/ 25# kb on up arm
  • 30 kb swings (53#)
  • 6 speed shuffle (5 part suicides totaling 30)
  • 30 jumping pull-ups
  • 30 box jumps (20”)
  • 30 squat to box w/ 53# kb
  • 30 push press (45# bar)
  • 30 halos (44# kb)

Yup.  He keeps pushing these Sunday morning classes and it is great. 

Now to relax during my last day of vacation.


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Morning workout…

We hit up The Big Top this morning after not being since last Thursday with our busy weekend (races Friday, Saturday, and all day Sunday, along with Tough Mountain Saturday morning).  

We did a workout he had left on our facebook member group called “Hippo”:

3 rds:

  • 20 wall balls (20# x3)
  • 20 weighted squat jumps (45#/35#/35#)
  • 20 kb swings (53# x3)
  • 20 weighted push-ups (25#/15#/15#)
  • 20 sumo high bars (95# x3)

This was…rough.  We timed ourselves and I’m not sure of my exact time, but it was a little over 40 minutes for me.  I was definitely winded, dead, and completely soaked in sweat when this one was over.  All signs of a great workout.  

Spent the rest of the day doing some errands and relaxing.  On tap for tomorrow is a dump run, a round of golf with the wife and kids, and races to cap off the night.


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Working from home…at The Big Top…

What to do on a working from home day before my vacation starts?  Hit up The Big Top for a good workout.  Took the Little Man over with me to get some work in.  Met up with coach Jesse when we pulled in the parking lot.  

Holden wanted to use weights that were a little much for him and I was trying to explain that even though he could do a floor press with a 20# kb, he would get very tired over the rds and should use a lighter weight.  As I’m explaining this to him, Jesse says, “Remember the rules, if you want to work out here you need to listen to your Dad.”  Once he heard that he dealt with it.  I don’t think he liked it because he wanted to be tough, but he dealt with it.

6 moves, 1 minute each, 5 rds (little man’s):

  • KB floor press - 70# (10# db)
  • Box jumps - 24” (16”)
  • OH plate sit-ups - 35# (5#)
  • OH walking lunges - 35# (10#)
  • KB row - 44# (18#)
  • Goblet squat - 44# (18#)
One last workout before the Tough Mountain Challenge on Saturday morning!  That is if I don’t end up going over to TBT tomorrow morning anyway…  Also, this is the only 5k obstacle course I’ve ever heard of where the 1st and 3rd water stops have obstacles of their own - shotgun a beer (21+ obvs).  That is my kind of 5k race!  

Came home, showered, ate lunch, had some conference calls, and now relaxing.  


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This is the first design.  Apparently he is going to have it re-sketched with the person bigger because it gets too pixelated when blown up.  This is about 2’x2.5’ and he is getting a bigger copy to put outside the building.  
Just found out Jesse is working on shirts too!  Checking on sizes, material requests, etc.
Love it!

This is the first design.  Apparently he is going to have it re-sketched with the person bigger because it gets too pixelated when blown up.  This is about 2’x2.5’ and he is getting a bigger copy to put outside the building.  

Just found out Jesse is working on shirts too!  Checking on sizes, material requests, etc.

Love it!


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